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I Wanna Bazooka

April 3, 2013

DHS Armored Vehicle

When British forces under the command of General Thomas Gage marched on Colonial militia armories in  Lexington and Concord during the wee hours of April 19, 1775, it wasn’t the militia’s  muskets they were looking for.

It was their cannons.

Gage succeeded at Concord, destroying, “…three pieces of iron ordnance, some new gun carriages (and) a great number of carriage wheels…”.  But he was turned back at Lexington.

The Colonials weren’t outgunned by the British in terms of small arms.   They had rifles every bit as good as their adversaries’.  It was artillery they needed and so, three weeks after the shot heard ’round the world, a Colonial force under Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen marched on Fort Ticonderoga, overwhelmed the British garrison, seized the bastion’s 59 guns and hauled  them 300 miles to Dorchester Heights, where they forced the British army to evacuate Boston.

These were the events that informed the true intent of the Second Amendment: that citizens must have effective means to resist tyranny.

That doesn’t mean just handguns or rifles – certainly not in a time when the Department of Homeland Security, with an armed force of 100,000, possesses nearly 2 billion rounds of ammunition, thousands of machine guns, dozens of drones and 2,717 mine-resistant armored vehicles.

Yeah, I know it sounds extreme, but if push comes to shove and those DHS armored “police rescue” behemoths come rolling into my local Tiananmen Square, I want something a bit heavier than an AR-15.

I want an M1A1 Abrams tank.  I want a 120mm howitzer.  I want a cruise missile.

I wanna bazooka.

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