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You’re an Islamaphobe

May 22, 2013

I know what you were thinking when you heard the news that two men beheaded a British soldier on a street in London.

Come on, admit it.

Thank Heaven not everybody is as bigoted as you.  Hours after the event, NBC news was reporting that the barbaric crime “might appear” to be terrorism and British Prime Minister David Cameron mused that there were “some indications” that terrorism might be involved.  Quite right: just because the two perps were reported to be shouting “Allahu Akbar” while they hacked at their victim is no reason to jump to conclusions.

And what about the riots over the past few nights in Stockholm, Sweden?  You were thinking that just because the neighborhoods where cars and property went up in flames are  predominantly populated by immigrants from Turkey, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Somalia, the conflagration might have something to do with Muslims.

Shame on you.

As the Chicago Tribune quite rightly points out, “Unemployment, Immigrant Poverty Fuel Riots in Sweden.”    See? Nothing about Islam there.

And maybe you didn’t catch this news  about a group of seven young people who were briefly detained for trespassing at a reservoir that supplies water to Boston.  At 12:30 a.m.  On a night where temperatures dipped to the 20’s.  Just because those young people were from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Singapore, you might have jumped to the conclusion that they were up to something fishy.

Fortunately, cooler heads than yours prevailed, as local police – who clearly have received tip-top sensitivity training – concluded that there was “nothing suspicious” to the incident and released the frolicking youths without bond.

So straighten up , buster.  Just because Muslim youths in Boston bomb the Marathon, Muslim youths in London hack off a soldier’s head, Muslim youths in Stockholm burn down their neighborhood and Muslim youths in Massachusetts go creeping around the water supply in the dead of night doesn’t mean there’s any pattern here.

Its all in your head.


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