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June 7, 2013

London Beheading

When did men become such wimps?

Two weeks ago, when a pair of Islamists beheaded a British soldier in London, a crowd of men stood at a safe distance  from the killers while two women attended to the victim and a mother of two confronted one of the murderers at arm’s length.

Today, during a mass shooting in Santa Monica, California, a woman who encountered the shooter on a street stopped her car and shouted at him to stop.  The killer shot at her, but fortunately, she sustained only minor injuries.

Meanwhile, a male student who was studying in the library of Santa Monica College cowered as the shooter rampaged through the building.  Speaking to the press, 20-year-old Vincent Lang recalled hearing a female crying, “No, please no!” and said that he had been “…scared to death…”.

How do those men on the London street live with themselves when they stood by while women put themselves at risk?  How will that Santa Monica student live with himself when he fled rather than trying to help the female victim?

Man up, wimps.  Better to be dead than live as a coward.

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